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News zu Samsung Ht-d6750w

Samsung HT-D6750W review
Samsung's top-of-the-line home cinema system is frothy, feature-rich and just a bit mad. Opening the box reveals a veritable forest of shiny black plastic. The HT-D6750W package comprises two slim tallboy (1.3m) stereo front speakers which bolt together in ...

Samsung HT-D6750W 7.1 home cinema system for 46" D8000
I'm a bit of a newbie with home cinema systems though so looking for a bit of guidence. I was planning on keeping it in the samsung family and getting a HT-D6750W 7.1 system but just wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts on if there are betters systems ...

First look: Samsung HT-D6750W home theatre review
This feature-packed system sports Wi-Fi and DLNA streaming, but can it really offer true 7.1 sound using a 5.1 set-up? Samsung has led the way in home cinema systems in recent times, combining desirability with quality in equal and formidable measure.

Samsung HT-D6750W Premium Full HD 3D Smart Home Theater
Samsung has finally released the HT-D6750W premium Full HD 3D smart home theater in South Korea. The HT-D6750W offers a stunning 1300W 7.1Ch total output. This home theater system also supports Samsung’s AllShare DLNA, a slot-in Blu-ray player, Smart Hub ...

Samsung HT-D6750W - Performance and Verdict
Page 1: Design and Connections Page 2: Speakers Page 3: Features and Operation Page 4: Performance and Verdict 13 Pictures Overall, the HT-D6750W’s sound quality is good by usual all-in-one standards, but a few sonic shortcomings remind you of the system ...

Review: Cheerfully video-tastic Samsung BluRay home theatre
This thing is seriously compact. The Samsung HT-D6750W is a Blu-Ray player and an audio/video receiver/amplifier/media center/post-space-age statement — all in one small box. It has four tall skinny speakers that take up no space, and it’s wireless.

Samsung HT-D6750W review:
The Good Solid 3D Blu-ray player; Smart Hub Internet connectivity; wireless rear speakers. The Bad Not really a 7.1-channel system. The Bottom Line Samsung has loaded up its HT-D6750W home-cinema kit with everything bar the kitchen sink. If you want a 3D ...

Samsung HT-D6750W review
The Samsung HT-D6750W offers a pseudo 7.1-effect from just five speakers Virtual 7.1 doesn’t quite pay offIt’s only partially successful. True, the soundfield certainly gets higher and wider, but at the expense of precision and realism. Like all ...

Samsung HT-D6750W Review
Franz Bicar - Franz has worked in telecoms and consumer electronics for over 10 years, working in quality control, allowing him to get his hands on the latest gadgets. He’s been writing reviews on these for over 5 years now, as well as news and blogging ...

Samsung HT-D6750W review
This 3D Blu-ray all-in-one system from Samsung works wonders with high frequencies, says Steve May – but it should drop the ‘7.1’ tag Samsung’s top-of-the-line home cinema system is frothy, feature-rich and just a bit mad. Opening the box reveals a ...